Scalability With Uncompromising Security

Massa is the first and only layer 1 blockchain that tackles the trilemma of scalability, decentralization, and security without compromise. Achieving over 1,000 transactions per second with thousands of nodes, our parallel block architecture and unique Autonomous Smart Contracts (ASCs) are setting new standards in DeFi and web3.

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We are excited to announce that the $MAS token sale has started and is open to everyone as part of the public ICO.

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Decentralized Web with Massa

Massa offers a truly decentralized web solution to address the security challenges faced by DeFi web3 apps that often rely on Web2 infrastructure, which is neither decentralized nor immutable-once-audited.

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    ICO Tokens:


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    30% at TGE, then linear vesting 24 months
  • ICO is live now

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    Process: 100%

    /24,166,667 MAS


    First Come First Served

    ICO price: 1 MAS ≈ $ 0.12

    Using ETH from your wallet to buy token.

    The minimum buy is 0.02 ETH, and the maximum purchase is 20 ETH.

    Transaction Ethereum network

    Txn Hash Block Age From To Value [Txn Fee]

    Airdrop info:

    ICO Introduce


    Could you be one of the 10 winners who will each receive 1,000 MAS. The winners will be randomly selected.

    Copy and share your referral link with your friends, and you will be rewarded with 1,000 MAS for each referral. You can invite up to 10 people, and the reward can be up to 1,000 MAS

    After the airdrop ends, $MAS tokens will be automatically distributed to your wallet address. This airdrop is completely free of charge.


    ICO price: 1 $MAS ≈ $ 0.12. The minimum purchase 0.02 ETH, and the maximum purchase is 20 ETH.

    Connect your wallet and purchase the amount of ETH. Our system will automatically send $MAS tokens to your wallet instantly.

    The distribution of $MAS tokens will occur after you have made the purchase. First come, first served. If the ICO is exhausted and you were unable to buy, a refund will be automatically issued to your wallet.


    The total supply of $MAS is capped at 1,000,000,000.

    Community & Ecosystem: 31.0%

    Decentralization Program: 30.0%

    Private Sales: 16.0%

    Massa Labs & Founders: 12.0%

    Other: 11.0%